City Commissioner




Total number of seats,
each a 4-year term


Annual budget,
covers the office & Election Days


Average annual income
per Commissioner




The City Commissioners are three full-time elected officials traditionally responsible for overseeing the local election process in Philadelphia, including managing poll workers, protecting voter rights, and trying to effectively make Election Day run smoothly. 

This is also the office best positioned to increase voter turnout through registration, communication and engagement. This is a big opportunity, not just for better elections in Philadelphia, but for harnessing the power of Philly voters to impact state and national races.




Election Day Operations

  • Ensure polling places are open, staffed and that machines are up and running

  • Oversee staffing and training of poll workers at all 1,686 polling locations

  • Coordinate on-site translation services and ADA voting accessibility


Protecting Voter Rights

  • Make sure voter rights will not be violated

  • Empower voters to report illegal and suspicious activities

  • Responding quickly to issues at voting polls, such as missing voter roll data, voter fraud or intimidation


Voter Engagement 

  • Educate voters on upcoming elections

  • Create useful and easy-to-understand collateral

  • Provide resources to committee people, block captains and other Get Out The Vote (GOTV) operations