My experience is diverse and extensive, from marketing and communications to community organizing, relationship management, and administrative operations. I have the expertise to succeed as City Commissioner on behalf of every Philadelphian. Learn more about the priorities I will bring to the City Commissioner’s office.



Philadelphia is the birthplace of American democracy, so we should be setting a national example for civic engagement and voter turnout. This office should be providing easy-to-understand resources to the many different services and organizations that work throughout the city, to make sure voting is always part of the conversation, year-round.

This includes committee people, teachers, social workers and anyone else working with the diverse communities that make up the city. People deserve to know the responsibilities of the offices they’re being asked to vote for, to understand the charter questions, and should be engaged with voting year-round, not just right before Election Day.



We need to develop a pipeline to recruit poll workers for Election Day. Our election boards (aka poll workers) are in crisis, with 49% of the elected positions vacant. We must create a consistent pipeline of Philadelphians able to work the polls each election. We should better engage current poll workers, while empowering eligible students and harnessing the energy of the hundreds of thousands of eligible residents who are upset by the current political climate. By effectively engaging our residents, we can secure these positions and confidently staff our polling places year after year.

Right now, there are many barriers that make it difficult to fill election board seats. Most election board positions are elected and require a ~13.5-hour shift. We should be exploring new ways to run Election Day, like switching to a non-elected format and offering half day shifts.

As we prepare to purchase new voting systems, the Commissioner's Office will be responsible for training the election boards and maintaining machine security. I have the experience in technology project management and training development that can be scaled to ensure the new system is running correctly and that our votes are protected during this crucial time.


I want every eligible Philadelphian to vote. That includes  marginalized and vulnerable populations, such as those with certain criminal convictions, citizens with limited english proficiency, and those affected by homelessness. I want to ensure new Philadelphians, Philadelphians who have recently moved, and high school students who are about to turn 18+ have voting registration available to them as soon as possible.


Have you or someone you know experienced illegal activity at a polling place? Have you heard stories about misplaced voter registration cards and missing names on the voter roll? During every election there are unfortunate reports of wrongful electioneering, bullying and other illegal activities. Too often these acts go without consequences because of incomplete or incorrect reporting. As Commissioner, I will not only work to better protect voting rights, but will also educate people on how to properly report illegal activity at the polls so that offenders can be brought to justice.